It’s Always Sunny: Season 3 Episode 1: “The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby”.

Watching: Full from leftovers with a major case of itis.

             So in this episode Dee, Dennis, and Mac have just gotten done watching An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore. Dennis is now hell-bent on saving the environment and Mac agrees to check out some of this environment saving. After he says that he immediately throws the cup of soda he was drinking against the wall and it falls to the ground. Dennis admirably freaks out and asks why he had to do that. Dee makes a very good point by saying, “You see this movie and now you’re all about making a difference”.

            This statement rings very true because more often than not it takes a tragedy to motivate people to try to do something about the predicament their country is in. Whether is war, famine, global warming, or what have you. In this episodes case, it is the issue of global warming, and how to stop it.

            However, when Dennis is done ranting that he can be a good person and that he isn’t as self centered as people thinks, he makes a striking discovery when going to throw away the soda cup that Mac threw to the ground; he finds a baby in the dumpster. Dennis says something valuable, “We live in a throw away culture, you don’t want to deal with something anymore you just throw it out”. To me, this “baby in the dumpster” is somewhat symbolic of how people are so easily throwing away their futures. Regardless of the state of the future whether its that of the environment or the better well being of man, people are disregarding the major consequences of their actions and not really caring what the outcome is anymore.

            Of course the sane thing to do would be to call the police and see why the baby was in the dumpster, however this is not a sane cast of characters, so Mac elects himself and Dee to raise the child as if it were their own.

            The transition of scenes from the bar to the garbage dump is classic. Dennis takes Frank and Charlie on a field trip to sift through trash to find recyclable materials. I can relate to the trash sifters, mainly because my friends and I did a lot of dumpster diving in North Carolina and you can find some valuable junk in the garbage. Enter the stereotypical hippy guy and chick tag team duo off to save the world and fend for its rights. Complete with dreadlocks and Birkenstocks. I however am an owner of Birkenstocks and they are comfortable footwear, so whatever with that. The new hippy accuses Dennis of being a nark because he pulled up in a Range Rover and doesn’t really believe his supporting of the cause. Especially since SUV’s can somewhat be credible to the global warming crisis, and Dennis is now all about saving the world, yet still driving the SUV. Odd. (The hippy dude is named Sage).

            Meanwhile Frank and Charlie are finding treasures in the trash, and Charlie finds an Ali-Baba sword. I think when he was running down the trash mountain and wielding the sword like an insane man was really comical.

            Back to the 1950’s, Mac is handing out orders to Dee complaining about there being no beer in the house, the baby smelling, and how for the sake of dumpster baby they need to make it work. For me, this really played into the stereotypical relationship men and women have when introducing a new life into the world.

            I also have to say Charlie rolling around in the bed because he can’t sleep because of all the trash he isn’t collecting was adorable. I love him and his long johns.

            Dennis is still failing miserably at trying to impress the hippies and is accused again of being a poser; until he offers them weed. I feel like that’s a stereotype in itself since I do know some hippies that don’t smoke..but who am I kidding they’ve all done it at least once in their lives. So again, there’s a constant need and pressure to fit in under the current trend and circumstance of the media.

            When a passing stranger compliments Dee and Mac on their baby for being as cute as a Gerber baby and likely to be on commercials, they find a quick way to capitalize on this idea, They peddle the baby to a talent agency where the agent informs them that white babies are no longer in, and Mexican babies are. So Dee and Mac take dumpster baby to a tanning salon where the tanning clerk tells them that they are not allowed to put their baby in a tanning bed. This could be a simple comedic scene however for me I read it as bad habits starting at a young age. First its littering, then its poisoning yourself with UV rays, it is all an unhealthy part of the world.

            I think the walking stick Dennis somehow gets at the tree protest is pretty bad ass. Not to mention completely ridiculous. Dennis suggests that he needs to be chained to the tree to really get the message across to the “developer pigs” not to cut the tree down and let it live. Azriel (hippy chick) is behind him 100% and being the alpha male that Sage has to be, he demands that he is the one to be chained to the tree for 24 hours to save its life. I guess this was the grand scheme of things for Dennis because he ends up doing a bunch of acid with Azriel, banging her, making Sage sit through a rain storm to save the tree, and yet still plows the tree down anyway. This once again proves that Dennis cannot do anything for the good of other people; only for himself. I have to say the acid sex scene was really uncomfortable to watch only because of how sweaty and freakish Glenn Howerton looked.

            In the land of Frank and Charlie they continue to collect garbage until they start hoarding an obnoxious amount of it in Charlie’s apartment. This can connect to the over consumption of America today. The materialistic outlook people can have and the need to continue to buy buy buy as long as there is a demand demand demand for it. However Charlie’s apartment does look a lot like an episode of Hoarder’s and someone will just go in there with a shovel and start throwing things into a huge dumpster.

            Charlie at some point in time borrows the baby, and walks into the coffee shop where ice queen coffee waitress works to prove a point to her, I’m not entirely sure what the point is but he looked like a crazy homeless man that stole a baby. Charlie also learns that he was supposed to be aborted, and the abortion didn’t take, so Charlie is an abortion baby. His mother says that Frank would have made her throw him in a dumpster, and Charlie gets this brain storm of an idea that the dumpster baby is Frank and ice queen coffee waitress’s baby.

            The episode ends with Mac and Dee painting the baby brown to make it look Mexican, and Charlie, Frank, and Dennis fighting over the Ali-Baba sword over its head, when child services walks in and they stop what they’re doing.

            I give the episode a 3/5 because I think Frank and Charlie depicted homeless people really well. Especially sleeping on the subway grates to stay warm, and ducking in dumpsters to avoid the rain. I think the subject of the episode with over consumption and pollution and waste etc etc was really insightful. I think the way they tackled it was funny, however it wasn’t my most favorite of episodes.

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It’s Always Sunny: Season 3 Episode 2: “The Gang Gets Invincible”.

Watching: While eating more food.

            I have to say I always love how Charlie looses his absolute brain when he screams at the group to stop fighting. He has the best voice for screaming. Charlie suggests that they need to go outside and get some fresh air, and although they are now in fresh air they still have beer bottles with them, and then complain that it’s too bright outside. A football manages to get thrown on the table and a rather fat man informs them that he’s trying out for the Philadelphia Eagles similar to the movie Invincible. This sparks a trendi n the group to try out for the Eagles.

            Dee is also going to try out for the Eagles to prove that women can also play football. I think the categories of sports that Dee can try out for is really fitting to the womanly nature. Dennis starts by saying cooking is a sport, and Mac chimes in that complaining about your boyfriends is a sport too. Which, to a degree it can be depending on the type of girl you’re friends with because lets face it it’s in the female gene to complain about things? 

            Charlie and Frank get an idea to tailgate the try outs, and Frank says how he’s going to do some acid. When all Charlie wants to do is relax, and not do anything. I think Frank really nabs it by stating, “He’s going to trip balls”.

            Dee strolls up to the football try outs by sporting a fake goatee to prove that she can play just like the guys. I think its funny how Mac says her bones are like glass and they’ll break once they’re out on the field.

            The McPoyle family comes back into action when their brother Doyle McPoyle tries out for the team as well. Frank and Charlie have to relocate tailgate camp and it so happens to be right next to the McPoyle’s camper.

            So during the tryout there’s a shameless plug for McDonalds when the guest speaker who is definitely not the quarter back of the Eagles and Mac keeps saying how he looks like the guy from the Cosby show.

            Meanwhile, Frank gets Charlie wasted on acid when he’s trying to relax because he doesn’t want to be the only one tripping. Charlie gets mighty mad that he’s about to trip all these balls.

            So while Dee is giving Mac and Dennis junk for not being strong enough during the running sprints, Mac picks Dee for his partner and completely tackles her beyond recognition. She ends up punting a football for what seems like a million feet and she seems like she’s going to make the team.

            Meanwhile back in the McPoyle camper, Frank is tripping balls and thinks he can escape through the toilet. Charlie dons this green suit and becomes the green man and starts partying with the McPoyle twins. I think it’s really ironic that the idea of getting Dee off of the football field would be to fire a gun to startle her when she kicked. She ended up doing a pretty good job at making a jackass out of her by gloating that she was a woman and was going to school all these men in football and then prematurely kicked the ball and ended up breaking her foot. Nice.

            Charlie continues to dance in the green suit and the entire time Mac and Dennis are still trying to get the gun to scare Dee, well, Frank ends up firing the gun, and shoots Doyle McPoyle in the leg ruining any chance at fame and stardom the family had. This enrages the entire McPoyle family and the episode ends with the gang running for their lives.

            As far as underlying themes go honestly I’m at one hell of a stalemate. I have no idea what the hell they were trying to say other than maybe the trends of the media? The needing to believe in a fairytale such as an average joe becoming a member of a national football team? Either way, it didn’t strike a nerve.

            I give the episode a 3/5 because I had no idea what they were trying to say with this episode other than Frank was going to trip all the balls. Charlie was pretty funny in the green suit (which oddly enough Frank thinks it’s a lizard) and it’s always pleasant seeing the McPoyle’s in every episode.

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It’s Always Sunny: Season 3 Episode 3: “Dennis and Dee’s Mom is Dead”.

Watching: While thanking god this is the last set of blogs to do.

            So the episode opens with Charlie having a set of magician knives that they want to throw at Dee to see if they work. Frank busts in saying that Dee and Dennis’ mother is dead. Dennis doesn’t believe it since last season to break the ice of their divorce Frank said that their mother was dead. However this time it is true because she died in a cosmetic surgery procedure. Overjoyed Frank cracks a cigar and a bottle of champagne.

            So in the will, Frank and Dee are left with nothing, and Dennis is left with the house. Their mother left all of Franks money to Bruce Matthis, Dee and Dennis’ real father. When the gang freaks out over the will I think it’s funny that they can’t distinguish that her will was left after she was dead. And Dennis celebrates over getting the house, what a completely messed up situation.

            Frank devises a grand scheme that him and Dee are now engaged. This is to hopefully set up Bruce to give Franks money back to them because they’re getting married. However, they say that they need all of the money because they’re going to adopt children. This can resemble how people commit an awful lot of fraud just to get money from the government in order to better themselves and their lives without really enriching the lives of the children.

            Back in Dennis’ new house, (which is now deemed the party house) Charlie freaks out that he found Dee’s middle school diary, and Dennis and Mac can really care less about it. They decide to put up an ad that they need more friends since they no longer have any, and put up an ad that they need good looking dude friends who are nice and not in for anything sexual. And oddly enough the flyer they are handing out is shaped like a penis. I think this was the funniest part of the episode, them giving out the penis flyers to all of these seemingly straight dudes.

            The get up Frank is wearing to be this hippy Shamus in order to trick Bruce. However when Bruce says he was helping the AIDS crisis in Uganda Frank flips out and says that “AIDS is serious and now I gotta shower”! All because Bruce touched him; this can play into the misunderstanding about AIDS and its contraction.

            Bruce sees through the lies that Dee and Frank are telling and decide to psyche them out by bringing them about 4 orphaned foreign children. He also wants them to demonstrate their love making and they admit they’re saving themselves for marriage. However they decide to hold a wedding at Dennis’ house and at this point in time Bruce blows the lid off of the scheme and they will never see their fortune again, and Dennis ends up loosing the house.

            The dick flyers that the gang ended up handing out got two really dorky kids to come to the house, and instead of them having fun its like they got college tortured by Dennis and Mac with the knife throwing, and throwing them down the stairs and essentially kicking the junk out of them. Also Charlie makes a guy friend who is fiercely depressed and makes him realize that Dee’s pain when she was younger (since they decided to read through her diary) and Charlie becomes sensitive to her pain.

            I really have nothing else to say about this episode because I didn’t like it at all. The only parts that were super funny was when Charlie admitted that it was a dick flyer, and the lengths that Frank will go to in order to get his money back. I think when people die, and wills are read, people always get cut throat over money because they are extremely selfish and not interested in helping those less fortunate. I also thought it was pretty wicked that Bruce turned out to be a complete a**hole by not only keeping all their money but outing them for fraud.

Oh, and when he ousted Frank and Dee by saying congratulations Frank you married your daughter. This concludes them agreeing to grave rob their mother in order to get some of the money back they lost.

   I give the episode a 2/5 and the only reason it even gets a two is because Mac says the best thing in the world. “Let’s stop being pussies and let’s funnel some beer”!

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It’s Always Sunny: Season 3 Episode 4: “The Gang Gets Held Hostage”

Watching: By myself.  

            The McPoyle’s are back in full swing in this hilarious episode where the gang, as stated in the title, gets held hostage. I think the robes and pajamas that the McPoyle family is wearing are extremely stylish and very fitting for being laid back and relaxed about holding the gang hostage.

            However, the episode starts with Frank being motivated by money as usual and trying to find his will that was hidden in the vents of the bar. Can you imagine a minuscule Danny Devito crawling around an air vent system? Priceless. I guess since Charlie has found out that Frank really is his dad he’s seemingly gloating about being Dee and Dennis’ big brother. I think my favorite quote was when he said, “Now get me a beer before I give you a serious noogie little bro”. I guess it was just the way he said it that was adorable and hilarious.

            I like how Dee seems to get the short straw every episode, because when the McPoyle’s first break into the bar as masked robbers (at the time the gang has no idea who they really are) Dennis elects for them not to shoot anything and to take the girl. Meanwhile Dee is frantically saying how the robbers don’t want to take her, and Charlie and Mac back Dennis up by saying Dee should peacefully go with the masked gunmen. I think it’s funny how Dee is the only female lead of the show, yet the guys put her through the most junk to deal with. I guess it proves that she’s a’ somewhat strong female lead, or a somewhat stereotyped helpless female.

            I think the best ransom gift the McPoyle’s asked for was a reversible Planet Hollywood jacket. I mean really they really do NOT make those anymore so that’d be more outlandish then a nude picture of Bee Arthur.

            So Dee points out due to the panic instilled in all of them they all might start getting Stockholm syndrome. Charlie, completely unaware as to what it even is starts freaking out that he is getting it because his throat is getting sore. I think it would have been funnier if he were in his green suit again freaking out over the Stockholm syndrome. That’s just me. So of course the logical thing to do would be to form a pact of some sort so none of them die, or one of them dies first, and it’s a cut throat game of who throws each other under the bus first. You figure in a time of dire panic this would somewhat unite them and it ends up keeping them the same, dysfunctional self centered bunch.

            I’d like to know the fascination the McPoyle’s have with milk too. They’re always drinking it. Whether it be warmed, or chilled, or used to heal fork stabs caused by one another.

            The McPoyle’s have given the team a challenge to smash as much stuff in the bar in one minute’s time or they would all get shot in the face. So of course they all start smashing as much stuff they can possibly get a hold of. However, it reminded me a lot of the Saw movies how they have a certain amount of time in order to save their lives.

            So some highlights of the show for me, were when Frank is caught in the vent system and gets blown by the heat; when the group screws with the deaf mute sister by making her raise her hand a bunch; when Dennis tries to seduce the deaf mute sister by strutting up to her in strapping white underpants; Charlie farting in Mac’s face; the Charlie bad room, and when the McPoyle’s reveal that they were just getting revenge for them shooting their brother in the leg.

            Central theme of this episode again, I am stalemated for. I mean maybe it was the whole revenge scheme? Getting back at those who have been keeping you down for so long? I have no idea. All I know is that I love when the McPoyle’s come to the show, because they’re so funny all of the time. And the fact that Glenn Howerton finally got shirtless, yum.

            I give the episode a 4/5 because of all the ludicrous stuff that went down. Also how adorable Charlie looked in the tight white underpants and cloth robe. Oh, and for this quote by Frank, “I am going to shove my fist right into your ass, hard and fast, not in a sexual way”.

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It’s Always Sunny: Season 3 Episode 5: “The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo”

Watching: Full off of pretzels.

            So it seems to me that the entire point of this episode was the rivalry females always seem to pick with each other. How even best girlfriends are jealous of each others successes and how people that have amounted to essentially nothing try to make themselves seem established to those who have achieved a lot more than they have.

            So this starts with Dee finding her old friend Ingrid Nelson from high school. Of course Ingrid grew up and thinned out and became really attractive, like the ugly ducks always do. Dee seems to be really comfortable talking about her high school past, and because of Dee’s lack of determination, Ingrid became determined and owns the clothing store that Dee religiously shops at. In the mean time Charlie is layering on brand new clothing to steal from the store, and looks like a complete Ed Hardy d-bag.

            Dee strikes a fantastic idea to start her own clothing line, and has Charlie help her sew the line together. However the fact that Dee can’t draw makes the challenge of overcoming Fatty Magoo even harder. I think the best comparisons of the drawings were when Dennis and Charlie were asking if it (the dress design) was a light bulb, a sail boat, and a cup with a straw. Dennis shows Dee how to really draw a dress design and ends up drawing these giant boobs on paper. To which Charlie starts getting aroused.

            I find it interesting that right away the first thing Dennis goes for, are a chicks boobs to draw. For me it resembles the skewed vision men have of the female form, even right down to Dennis drawing the female without any rib bones, or an active waist. It seems to play into the pressures that women face to keep a certain body type and to not be over weight.

            I think there’s also a self esteem play in here somewhere. Because Dennis tries to sell his dress designs to Fatty Magoo and seemingly tries to pressure her into buying dresses by offering to have sex with her etc etc. Now, if Fatty Magoo was still a person who lacked self esteem it might have worked, however since she has now found herself skinny and successful she doesn’t feel a need to play into Dennis being an idiot.

            Charlie in the Buddy Holly RayBans while he was looking at Dee’s drawing made me drool. Because I always find him attractive, however with the glasses, and Aunt Jemima handkerchief over his head really adds the icing to the cake. I wish he would wear them all the time.

            Meanwhile, Frank and Mac find a way to capitalize on the dress making scheme and open a sweat shop. The best is that they play Nazi propaganda videos and even have a steam whistle. Dee by far burns Mac the best when he’s trying to “talk sense” into her by saying that his breath smells like an old lady fart passing through an onion. Really I mean how inventive can you be to think of that? An old lady fart passing through an onion? Perfection.

            Dennis hires a model to show off the prototype dresses he’s making Fatty Magoo “want” to buy and he gets the skinniest girl he can find. However he critiques her and says she’s too fat for the dress. It could never possibly be because the design is bad and the sewing job is even worse, so eventually he ends up sporting the dress himself with some nice red lipstick to show Fatty Magoo how it should really fit. The show ends with an old high school friend of Dennis’ finding him in the said prototype dress and in makeup, essentially making it look like he became a drag queen after high school.

            Again, a majority of the underlying theme could go into fashion, and how the media portrays it. How women again are pressured to always be better than the one next to them, whether it be more successful or skinnier or what have you. It also fuels the fire behind who makes the dresses, the sweatshops behind a lot of successful companies, along with the perturbed vision men have of women in society.

            I give the episode a 4/5 solely based on the fact that Glenn Howerton really does look foxy in that dress, and Charlie wearing those Buddy Holly style RayBans. I’m still drooling.

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It’s Always Sunny: Season 3 Episode 6: “The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation”

Watching: Still full on pretzels

            So the gang is holding a talent show! Dee tries to impress Charlie with her Christopher Walken impression when Dennis calls her out for sounding like Rosie Perez. At this point in time Mac struts in with what looks like a Matrix style trench coat complete with glasses and says that they have a major problem. They’re usually the last stop on the pub crawl, when they make the most money, however their rival Mr.Kim’s is now the last stop on the pub crawl, jeopardizing any chance they have at making real money. Apparently Mr.Kim’s is going to make this top secret micro brew that is way better than anything their pub could ever offer. Yet Mac has the genius idea to make a microbrew that is so good they drink until they puke and then pass out in their puke and then drink in their pass out? No idea.

            I find it interesting that we now have enlightenment to the forever going problems with North Korea years after this episode even came out. So I guess it’s good timing that I’m watching it now.

            While Charlie and Dennis are scouting the microbrew that Kim’s is offering, they stumble upon a distressed waitress outside the restaurant in the back. Although they can’t really understand what she’s saying Charlie offers her aid by saying that she doesn’t have to put up with the stress from her boss. The girl also complains that she isn’t even aloud to drink the beer, to which Charlie replies that’s the great thing about America! You’re aloud to drink the beer. So the girl ends up falling in love with Charlie and goes to live with him at his apartment, and they do make quite the adorable couple.

            Dee holds the audition for her talent show and sets up an American idol type scheme. She ends up getting trashed like Paula Abdul, Frank turns out to be the Randy, and Mac becomes the Simon.

            Since Dennis is delusional he gets the idea that the little Korean girl has the hots for him when she clearly has the hots for Charlie. Charlie and her fall in “love” and he asks her to marry him.

            So Dee goes completely wasted to Mr.Kim’s to try to get the recipe for the microbrew and offers her sex to get the recipe. This really greasy gross old Korean guy offers that he knows the recipe, and Dee ends up sleeping with him for the microbrew. She wakes up from her drunken stupor wondering if she’s in America or not.

            I also find it amusing that Dennis takes off his shirt to seduce the Korean girl and her and Charlie start busting out laughing at him and he covers his nipples in shame. Great.

            So Charlie proposes to the Korean girl because he’s fallen in love with her. Meanwhile, Frank and Mac get the idea to have a wet t-shirt contest to pick up morale for the bar, and elect Charlie’s new fiancé as a contestant. This is mainly caused by Dennis’ jealousy. Sun-Li is the name of the Korean girl Charlie falls in love with, and Frank stumbles to Mr.Kim’s to get the recipe for the microbrew when he confronts Mr.Kim and learns that not only is Sun-Li her daughter, but only 12 years old. In a panic Frank is racing back to the bar and dives in front of the stream of water making him the great contestant of the wet t-shirt contest.

            I think the best part about this aside from Frank getting blasted by the water, was the looks on Dennis, Charlie, and Mac’s faces as he’s getting blasted with the water, especially the slow motion. The episode ends with everyone leaving Paddy’s pub during the pub crawl, making the gang loose their money and deeming the North Koreans as sneaky bastards.

            So, other than the foreign contribution to the American economy and the fact that Korean’s really age slowly, I have nothing else to say about this episode. It was funny at it’s parts, the connection between Sun-Li and Charlie was adorable because they both have similar mentalities even though Sun-Li was 12, and Dee again, makes a really good drunk.

            The episode gets a 4/5 because Charlie finally fell in love, and it was precious.

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It’s Always Sunny: Season 3 Episode 7: “The Gang Sells Out”

Watching: While freezing in this ice cavern of an apartment.

            The opening scene is of course Mac, Charlie, and Dennis arguing but what I found most interesting was the big corporate executive they were talking to. It’s that one guy from Two Guys a Girl and A Pizza Place. I don’t really care that much to look up his name, although I’m sure it was somewhere in the ending credits. Nice to know he somehow found steady employment. Moving on.

            From the beginning of the bickering in the episode about corporate sell outs and helicopter pads, to me, I am assuming this episode is going to target the power of the dollar. How everything is part of one giant corporate scheme to make or break it and that the almighty dollar dictates just about everything.

            An even better part for me was when the group was boasting that the bar was all the had and that no amount of money can possibly buy it, and all three of them take one look at that square yellow piece of paper and that completely changes their tone and Paddy’s Pub is going to (possibly) become a “rock café”. Whatever that means.

            Again, poor Sweet Dee always getting that short straw, because when the guys intend on selling the bar they’re going to “Enron” her and leave her broke and jobless essentially. However Frank being the schemer that he is has the even better idea of trying to milk the cow for all its worth; essentially what major corporations due anyway, hence the giant Jersey Shore epidemic, pandemic, any time of emic you want to classify it as.

            An interesting twist of events when Dee goes to apply at some TGIF looking place and low and behold ice queen coffee waitress is assistant manager and the new junk restaurant Dee hopes to work at. The waitress informs Dee that she has to assistant manage the restaurant because a Starbucks moved in across the street from her coffee shop and is stealing all her business. Again, this directly correlates with big corporations moving in and preying on small businesses to either buy them out, or run them out.

            Because all of the guys (Frank, Mac, etc etc) are a bunch of idiots, when they make outlandish demands of the giant corporation in order to obtain Paddy’s Pub, they loose the deal entirely. Foregoing any possible way they can be wealthy. I guess they tried to play with a bull and got the horns?

            In a feeble attempt to save the deal the businessman offered, Frank, Dennis and Mac take the business man to a strip club. I think a strip club to impose a business deal is really classy. Some strip clubs even have really good breakfast buffets, not that I would know but I guess you can infer by the amount of men in there at about 3:30am on a Monday. However the plan blows up in their face because corporate big shot turns out to be gay. Perhaps they should have seen a Chipendale dancer instead.

            So hands down my favorite part of this entire episode is when they’re sitting in the strip club talking about power bottoms, and twinks, and bears, and what type of gay men they would be. Especially the part when Dennis goes into the specifics of being a power bottom. I really could have stopped watching the episode at this exact point in time, because it made me that happy. At the end of this post this episode is getting a 5 regardless of how the rest plays out, just because of this gay lingo conversation.

            Sweet Dee turns out to be a terrible waitress by double dropping bills and drinking on the job, making ice queen coffee waitress tell her that if she doesn’t stop she’ll loose her job. Dee then manipulates ice queen coffee waitress by saying she doesn’t understand how Dennis thinks she’s so cool. Of course, since in multiple episodes there’s been an ongoing obsession with Dennis from this waitress. I think it’s really classy of Dee to play on her emotions like that, I guess it’s all about survival.

            An even better twist of events is when Charlie applies at the same job that Dee is currently working at in a poor attempt to win ice queen coffee waitresses emotions. I’m really interested to see if he’ll ever bag this waitress in any of the episodes coming up, or in any of the seasons coming up. (Even though Charlie and coffee waitress are married in real life which makes me want to gag).

            I’m glad that Charlie finally got a power trip by pretending to be the manager when Dennis walks in to try to apply for a bartending job. I think it’s really cute that he pretends to play dumb the entire time and not know who Dennis is. Why is Charlie Day so adorable in everything…why?

            I also enjoyed that Dennis continue to manipulate the ice queen waitress in order to get a bartending job there. He is absolutely shameless and she lacks any confidence.

            So in a piddly attempt to get the corporate power house to buy the bar, Mac and Frank and his yellow jacket gang go to said guys house to tell him if he doesn’t buy the bar there will be trouble. Because nothing says buy my business like a personal threat.

And Charlie finally got his moment in the sun to impress ice queen coffee waitress by saying he’ll take care of Dee and Dennis being complete jerks to her. He has a grand idea to call corporate and report Dennis and Dee for stealing, however it seems that this idea may blow up in his face, because the corporate man recognizes Charlie too. And everyone ended up loosing their job. Hooray!

            Nothing else too exciting happened during this episode.

            So again, the way they tackled the corporations of America was pretty funny, but the only reason this episode is being given a 5 as previously stated, is for the gay lingo speak. Because I could watch Glenn Howerton talk about power bottoms all day long.

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