It’s Always Sunny: Season 3 Episode 1: “The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby”.

Watching: Full from leftovers with a major case of itis.

             So in this episode Dee, Dennis, and Mac have just gotten done watching An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore. Dennis is now hell-bent on saving the environment and Mac agrees to check out some of this environment saving. After he says that he immediately throws the cup of soda he was drinking against the wall and it falls to the ground. Dennis admirably freaks out and asks why he had to do that. Dee makes a very good point by saying, “You see this movie and now you’re all about making a difference”.

            This statement rings very true because more often than not it takes a tragedy to motivate people to try to do something about the predicament their country is in. Whether is war, famine, global warming, or what have you. In this episodes case, it is the issue of global warming, and how to stop it.

            However, when Dennis is done ranting that he can be a good person and that he isn’t as self centered as people thinks, he makes a striking discovery when going to throw away the soda cup that Mac threw to the ground; he finds a baby in the dumpster. Dennis says something valuable, “We live in a throw away culture, you don’t want to deal with something anymore you just throw it out”. To me, this “baby in the dumpster” is somewhat symbolic of how people are so easily throwing away their futures. Regardless of the state of the future whether its that of the environment or the better well being of man, people are disregarding the major consequences of their actions and not really caring what the outcome is anymore.

            Of course the sane thing to do would be to call the police and see why the baby was in the dumpster, however this is not a sane cast of characters, so Mac elects himself and Dee to raise the child as if it were their own.

            The transition of scenes from the bar to the garbage dump is classic. Dennis takes Frank and Charlie on a field trip to sift through trash to find recyclable materials. I can relate to the trash sifters, mainly because my friends and I did a lot of dumpster diving in North Carolina and you can find some valuable junk in the garbage. Enter the stereotypical hippy guy and chick tag team duo off to save the world and fend for its rights. Complete with dreadlocks and Birkenstocks. I however am an owner of Birkenstocks and they are comfortable footwear, so whatever with that. The new hippy accuses Dennis of being a nark because he pulled up in a Range Rover and doesn’t really believe his supporting of the cause. Especially since SUV’s can somewhat be credible to the global warming crisis, and Dennis is now all about saving the world, yet still driving the SUV. Odd. (The hippy dude is named Sage).

            Meanwhile Frank and Charlie are finding treasures in the trash, and Charlie finds an Ali-Baba sword. I think when he was running down the trash mountain and wielding the sword like an insane man was really comical.

            Back to the 1950’s, Mac is handing out orders to Dee complaining about there being no beer in the house, the baby smelling, and how for the sake of dumpster baby they need to make it work. For me, this really played into the stereotypical relationship men and women have when introducing a new life into the world.

            I also have to say Charlie rolling around in the bed because he can’t sleep because of all the trash he isn’t collecting was adorable. I love him and his long johns.

            Dennis is still failing miserably at trying to impress the hippies and is accused again of being a poser; until he offers them weed. I feel like that’s a stereotype in itself since I do know some hippies that don’t smoke..but who am I kidding they’ve all done it at least once in their lives. So again, there’s a constant need and pressure to fit in under the current trend and circumstance of the media.

            When a passing stranger compliments Dee and Mac on their baby for being as cute as a Gerber baby and likely to be on commercials, they find a quick way to capitalize on this idea, They peddle the baby to a talent agency where the agent informs them that white babies are no longer in, and Mexican babies are. So Dee and Mac take dumpster baby to a tanning salon where the tanning clerk tells them that they are not allowed to put their baby in a tanning bed. This could be a simple comedic scene however for me I read it as bad habits starting at a young age. First its littering, then its poisoning yourself with UV rays, it is all an unhealthy part of the world.

            I think the walking stick Dennis somehow gets at the tree protest is pretty bad ass. Not to mention completely ridiculous. Dennis suggests that he needs to be chained to the tree to really get the message across to the “developer pigs” not to cut the tree down and let it live. Azriel (hippy chick) is behind him 100% and being the alpha male that Sage has to be, he demands that he is the one to be chained to the tree for 24 hours to save its life. I guess this was the grand scheme of things for Dennis because he ends up doing a bunch of acid with Azriel, banging her, making Sage sit through a rain storm to save the tree, and yet still plows the tree down anyway. This once again proves that Dennis cannot do anything for the good of other people; only for himself. I have to say the acid sex scene was really uncomfortable to watch only because of how sweaty and freakish Glenn Howerton looked.

            In the land of Frank and Charlie they continue to collect garbage until they start hoarding an obnoxious amount of it in Charlie’s apartment. This can connect to the over consumption of America today. The materialistic outlook people can have and the need to continue to buy buy buy as long as there is a demand demand demand for it. However Charlie’s apartment does look a lot like an episode of Hoarder’s and someone will just go in there with a shovel and start throwing things into a huge dumpster.

            Charlie at some point in time borrows the baby, and walks into the coffee shop where ice queen coffee waitress works to prove a point to her, I’m not entirely sure what the point is but he looked like a crazy homeless man that stole a baby. Charlie also learns that he was supposed to be aborted, and the abortion didn’t take, so Charlie is an abortion baby. His mother says that Frank would have made her throw him in a dumpster, and Charlie gets this brain storm of an idea that the dumpster baby is Frank and ice queen coffee waitress’s baby.

            The episode ends with Mac and Dee painting the baby brown to make it look Mexican, and Charlie, Frank, and Dennis fighting over the Ali-Baba sword over its head, when child services walks in and they stop what they’re doing.

            I give the episode a 3/5 because I think Frank and Charlie depicted homeless people really well. Especially sleeping on the subway grates to stay warm, and ducking in dumpsters to avoid the rain. I think the subject of the episode with over consumption and pollution and waste etc etc was really insightful. I think the way they tackled it was funny, however it wasn’t my most favorite of episodes.

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