It’s Always Sunny: Season 3 Episode 2: “The Gang Gets Invincible”.

Watching: While eating more food.

            I have to say I always love how Charlie looses his absolute brain when he screams at the group to stop fighting. He has the best voice for screaming. Charlie suggests that they need to go outside and get some fresh air, and although they are now in fresh air they still have beer bottles with them, and then complain that it’s too bright outside. A football manages to get thrown on the table and a rather fat man informs them that he’s trying out for the Philadelphia Eagles similar to the movie Invincible. This sparks a trendi n the group to try out for the Eagles.

            Dee is also going to try out for the Eagles to prove that women can also play football. I think the categories of sports that Dee can try out for is really fitting to the womanly nature. Dennis starts by saying cooking is a sport, and Mac chimes in that complaining about your boyfriends is a sport too. Which, to a degree it can be depending on the type of girl you’re friends with because lets face it it’s in the female gene to complain about things? 

            Charlie and Frank get an idea to tailgate the try outs, and Frank says how he’s going to do some acid. When all Charlie wants to do is relax, and not do anything. I think Frank really nabs it by stating, “He’s going to trip balls”.

            Dee strolls up to the football try outs by sporting a fake goatee to prove that she can play just like the guys. I think its funny how Mac says her bones are like glass and they’ll break once they’re out on the field.

            The McPoyle family comes back into action when their brother Doyle McPoyle tries out for the team as well. Frank and Charlie have to relocate tailgate camp and it so happens to be right next to the McPoyle’s camper.

            So during the tryout there’s a shameless plug for McDonalds when the guest speaker who is definitely not the quarter back of the Eagles and Mac keeps saying how he looks like the guy from the Cosby show.

            Meanwhile, Frank gets Charlie wasted on acid when he’s trying to relax because he doesn’t want to be the only one tripping. Charlie gets mighty mad that he’s about to trip all these balls.

            So while Dee is giving Mac and Dennis junk for not being strong enough during the running sprints, Mac picks Dee for his partner and completely tackles her beyond recognition. She ends up punting a football for what seems like a million feet and she seems like she’s going to make the team.

            Meanwhile back in the McPoyle camper, Frank is tripping balls and thinks he can escape through the toilet. Charlie dons this green suit and becomes the green man and starts partying with the McPoyle twins. I think it’s really ironic that the idea of getting Dee off of the football field would be to fire a gun to startle her when she kicked. She ended up doing a pretty good job at making a jackass out of her by gloating that she was a woman and was going to school all these men in football and then prematurely kicked the ball and ended up breaking her foot. Nice.

            Charlie continues to dance in the green suit and the entire time Mac and Dennis are still trying to get the gun to scare Dee, well, Frank ends up firing the gun, and shoots Doyle McPoyle in the leg ruining any chance at fame and stardom the family had. This enrages the entire McPoyle family and the episode ends with the gang running for their lives.

            As far as underlying themes go honestly I’m at one hell of a stalemate. I have no idea what the hell they were trying to say other than maybe the trends of the media? The needing to believe in a fairytale such as an average joe becoming a member of a national football team? Either way, it didn’t strike a nerve.

            I give the episode a 3/5 because I had no idea what they were trying to say with this episode other than Frank was going to trip all the balls. Charlie was pretty funny in the green suit (which oddly enough Frank thinks it’s a lizard) and it’s always pleasant seeing the McPoyle’s in every episode.

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One Response to It’s Always Sunny: Season 3 Episode 2: “The Gang Gets Invincible”.

  1. professor Dunphy says:

    I have no idea what to say about this episode– with the underlying issues… except… green-man is amazing… and don’t do drugs.

    Only advice: watch the informal language… slang, etc.

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