It’s Always Sunny: Season 3 Episode 3: “Dennis and Dee’s Mom is Dead”.

Watching: While thanking god this is the last set of blogs to do.

            So the episode opens with Charlie having a set of magician knives that they want to throw at Dee to see if they work. Frank busts in saying that Dee and Dennis’ mother is dead. Dennis doesn’t believe it since last season to break the ice of their divorce Frank said that their mother was dead. However this time it is true because she died in a cosmetic surgery procedure. Overjoyed Frank cracks a cigar and a bottle of champagne.

            So in the will, Frank and Dee are left with nothing, and Dennis is left with the house. Their mother left all of Franks money to Bruce Matthis, Dee and Dennis’ real father. When the gang freaks out over the will I think it’s funny that they can’t distinguish that her will was left after she was dead. And Dennis celebrates over getting the house, what a completely messed up situation.

            Frank devises a grand scheme that him and Dee are now engaged. This is to hopefully set up Bruce to give Franks money back to them because they’re getting married. However, they say that they need all of the money because they’re going to adopt children. This can resemble how people commit an awful lot of fraud just to get money from the government in order to better themselves and their lives without really enriching the lives of the children.

            Back in Dennis’ new house, (which is now deemed the party house) Charlie freaks out that he found Dee’s middle school diary, and Dennis and Mac can really care less about it. They decide to put up an ad that they need more friends since they no longer have any, and put up an ad that they need good looking dude friends who are nice and not in for anything sexual. And oddly enough the flyer they are handing out is shaped like a penis. I think this was the funniest part of the episode, them giving out the penis flyers to all of these seemingly straight dudes.

            The get up Frank is wearing to be this hippy Shamus in order to trick Bruce. However when Bruce says he was helping the AIDS crisis in Uganda Frank flips out and says that “AIDS is serious and now I gotta shower”! All because Bruce touched him; this can play into the misunderstanding about AIDS and its contraction.

            Bruce sees through the lies that Dee and Frank are telling and decide to psyche them out by bringing them about 4 orphaned foreign children. He also wants them to demonstrate their love making and they admit they’re saving themselves for marriage. However they decide to hold a wedding at Dennis’ house and at this point in time Bruce blows the lid off of the scheme and they will never see their fortune again, and Dennis ends up loosing the house.

            The dick flyers that the gang ended up handing out got two really dorky kids to come to the house, and instead of them having fun its like they got college tortured by Dennis and Mac with the knife throwing, and throwing them down the stairs and essentially kicking the junk out of them. Also Charlie makes a guy friend who is fiercely depressed and makes him realize that Dee’s pain when she was younger (since they decided to read through her diary) and Charlie becomes sensitive to her pain.

            I really have nothing else to say about this episode because I didn’t like it at all. The only parts that were super funny was when Charlie admitted that it was a dick flyer, and the lengths that Frank will go to in order to get his money back. I think when people die, and wills are read, people always get cut throat over money because they are extremely selfish and not interested in helping those less fortunate. I also thought it was pretty wicked that Bruce turned out to be a complete a**hole by not only keeping all their money but outing them for fraud.

Oh, and when he ousted Frank and Dee by saying congratulations Frank you married your daughter. This concludes them agreeing to grave rob their mother in order to get some of the money back they lost.

   I give the episode a 2/5 and the only reason it even gets a two is because Mac says the best thing in the world. “Let’s stop being pussies and let’s funnel some beer”!

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2 Responses to It’s Always Sunny: Season 3 Episode 3: “Dennis and Dee’s Mom is Dead”.

  1. professor Dunphy says:

    Sorry there were so many! 😦

    I just think people should watch the first three seasons. Was it that bad?

  2. It was just extremely long when you think of the amount of time spent watching and blogging and editing and it just made me want to put on a green suit and dance.

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