It’s Always Sunny: Season 3 Episode 5: “The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo”

Watching: Full off of pretzels.

            So it seems to me that the entire point of this episode was the rivalry females always seem to pick with each other. How even best girlfriends are jealous of each others successes and how people that have amounted to essentially nothing try to make themselves seem established to those who have achieved a lot more than they have.

            So this starts with Dee finding her old friend Ingrid Nelson from high school. Of course Ingrid grew up and thinned out and became really attractive, like the ugly ducks always do. Dee seems to be really comfortable talking about her high school past, and because of Dee’s lack of determination, Ingrid became determined and owns the clothing store that Dee religiously shops at. In the mean time Charlie is layering on brand new clothing to steal from the store, and looks like a complete Ed Hardy d-bag.

            Dee strikes a fantastic idea to start her own clothing line, and has Charlie help her sew the line together. However the fact that Dee can’t draw makes the challenge of overcoming Fatty Magoo even harder. I think the best comparisons of the drawings were when Dennis and Charlie were asking if it (the dress design) was a light bulb, a sail boat, and a cup with a straw. Dennis shows Dee how to really draw a dress design and ends up drawing these giant boobs on paper. To which Charlie starts getting aroused.

            I find it interesting that right away the first thing Dennis goes for, are a chicks boobs to draw. For me it resembles the skewed vision men have of the female form, even right down to Dennis drawing the female without any rib bones, or an active waist. It seems to play into the pressures that women face to keep a certain body type and to not be over weight.

            I think there’s also a self esteem play in here somewhere. Because Dennis tries to sell his dress designs to Fatty Magoo and seemingly tries to pressure her into buying dresses by offering to have sex with her etc etc. Now, if Fatty Magoo was still a person who lacked self esteem it might have worked, however since she has now found herself skinny and successful she doesn’t feel a need to play into Dennis being an idiot.

            Charlie in the Buddy Holly RayBans while he was looking at Dee’s drawing made me drool. Because I always find him attractive, however with the glasses, and Aunt Jemima handkerchief over his head really adds the icing to the cake. I wish he would wear them all the time.

            Meanwhile, Frank and Mac find a way to capitalize on the dress making scheme and open a sweat shop. The best is that they play Nazi propaganda videos and even have a steam whistle. Dee by far burns Mac the best when he’s trying to “talk sense” into her by saying that his breath smells like an old lady fart passing through an onion. Really I mean how inventive can you be to think of that? An old lady fart passing through an onion? Perfection.

            Dennis hires a model to show off the prototype dresses he’s making Fatty Magoo “want” to buy and he gets the skinniest girl he can find. However he critiques her and says she’s too fat for the dress. It could never possibly be because the design is bad and the sewing job is even worse, so eventually he ends up sporting the dress himself with some nice red lipstick to show Fatty Magoo how it should really fit. The show ends with an old high school friend of Dennis’ finding him in the said prototype dress and in makeup, essentially making it look like he became a drag queen after high school.

            Again, a majority of the underlying theme could go into fashion, and how the media portrays it. How women again are pressured to always be better than the one next to them, whether it be more successful or skinnier or what have you. It also fuels the fire behind who makes the dresses, the sweatshops behind a lot of successful companies, along with the perturbed vision men have of women in society.

            I give the episode a 4/5 solely based on the fact that Glenn Howerton really does look foxy in that dress, and Charlie wearing those Buddy Holly style RayBans. I’m still drooling.

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