It’s Always Sunny: Season 3 Episode 6: “The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation”

Watching: Still full on pretzels

            So the gang is holding a talent show! Dee tries to impress Charlie with her Christopher Walken impression when Dennis calls her out for sounding like Rosie Perez. At this point in time Mac struts in with what looks like a Matrix style trench coat complete with glasses and says that they have a major problem. They’re usually the last stop on the pub crawl, when they make the most money, however their rival Mr.Kim’s is now the last stop on the pub crawl, jeopardizing any chance they have at making real money. Apparently Mr.Kim’s is going to make this top secret micro brew that is way better than anything their pub could ever offer. Yet Mac has the genius idea to make a microbrew that is so good they drink until they puke and then pass out in their puke and then drink in their pass out? No idea.

            I find it interesting that we now have enlightenment to the forever going problems with North Korea years after this episode even came out. So I guess it’s good timing that I’m watching it now.

            While Charlie and Dennis are scouting the microbrew that Kim’s is offering, they stumble upon a distressed waitress outside the restaurant in the back. Although they can’t really understand what she’s saying Charlie offers her aid by saying that she doesn’t have to put up with the stress from her boss. The girl also complains that she isn’t even aloud to drink the beer, to which Charlie replies that’s the great thing about America! You’re aloud to drink the beer. So the girl ends up falling in love with Charlie and goes to live with him at his apartment, and they do make quite the adorable couple.

            Dee holds the audition for her talent show and sets up an American idol type scheme. She ends up getting trashed like Paula Abdul, Frank turns out to be the Randy, and Mac becomes the Simon.

            Since Dennis is delusional he gets the idea that the little Korean girl has the hots for him when she clearly has the hots for Charlie. Charlie and her fall in “love” and he asks her to marry him.

            So Dee goes completely wasted to Mr.Kim’s to try to get the recipe for the microbrew and offers her sex to get the recipe. This really greasy gross old Korean guy offers that he knows the recipe, and Dee ends up sleeping with him for the microbrew. She wakes up from her drunken stupor wondering if she’s in America or not.

            I also find it amusing that Dennis takes off his shirt to seduce the Korean girl and her and Charlie start busting out laughing at him and he covers his nipples in shame. Great.

            So Charlie proposes to the Korean girl because he’s fallen in love with her. Meanwhile, Frank and Mac get the idea to have a wet t-shirt contest to pick up morale for the bar, and elect Charlie’s new fiancé as a contestant. This is mainly caused by Dennis’ jealousy. Sun-Li is the name of the Korean girl Charlie falls in love with, and Frank stumbles to Mr.Kim’s to get the recipe for the microbrew when he confronts Mr.Kim and learns that not only is Sun-Li her daughter, but only 12 years old. In a panic Frank is racing back to the bar and dives in front of the stream of water making him the great contestant of the wet t-shirt contest.

            I think the best part about this aside from Frank getting blasted by the water, was the looks on Dennis, Charlie, and Mac’s faces as he’s getting blasted with the water, especially the slow motion. The episode ends with everyone leaving Paddy’s pub during the pub crawl, making the gang loose their money and deeming the North Koreans as sneaky bastards.

            So, other than the foreign contribution to the American economy and the fact that Korean’s really age slowly, I have nothing else to say about this episode. It was funny at it’s parts, the connection between Sun-Li and Charlie was adorable because they both have similar mentalities even though Sun-Li was 12, and Dee again, makes a really good drunk.

            The episode gets a 4/5 because Charlie finally fell in love, and it was precious.

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