THE WRAP UP POST THE WRAP UP POST THE WRAP UP POST IT’S FINALLY HERE! I never thought I’d make it to the end, but oh boy did I. I just have to say that trying to sum up three seasons worth of show will be really hard, but I’ll give it a shot.


And there we have it, summed up in one word. I mean, to me this show was similar to like a modern day Seinfeld except that it was way more morally screwed than Seinfeld was. Seinfeld was morally screwed in a wholesome way, this show just did not show any mercy at all. The comedy was always there in some way or form in some episodes even if some other’s lacked it.

Casting Danny Devito to play their dad hands down also gave the show another giant up. And the fact that he’s now a regular staple to the show is also another great thing. I think Rob, Glenn, Charlie, and Kaitlin as actors are very convincing and they all seem to have a really good chemistry with each other to make the show really work.


As I was watching the show never once did I think of it as a show, but as of a literal story of a group of friends owning a bar and getting into heaps of trouble. Their story lines sometimes were border line far fetched however they did tackle a lot of issues America faces today like racism, homophobia, homelessness, drug epidemics, political schemes, the list goes on and on.

The McPoyle brothers also added a really good chemistry to the show for just being ridiculously creepy and having Principal Belding come back as the gym teacher that allegedly sexually molested Charlie and the McPoyle’s couldn’t be any sweeter of a set up.

The beginning theme music however for the show was something that always got to me mainly because I never liked it, and it plays non stop on the dang dvds.

I also think always putting what day of the week it was, and what time of day it was before the show gave you a really good idea of setting instead of just assuming what day and time it was.

I certainly do have to say though that I am glad the experience is over. Three seasons of a show is a lot, I had to have at least done well over 30 or so episodes and trying to analyze each one to get the real meaning instead of just watching it for its mindless self indulged value was really difficult to do.

I will continue to watch the show after this project only because now I feel like I’m apart of this dysfunctional group of people. I want to see what happens next to them, if Charlie ever ends up getting with the coffee waitress, if Dennis ever catches AIDS or something for all the sex he has, if Dee ever stops being a whore, and if Mac ever gets common sense.

Overall, as a show, I give the series a 5/5 because lets face it, they are freaking hilarious and tackle some tough subjects in a digestible way.

And what a song to end the show with…

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One Response to THE WRAP UP POST!!!!!!

  1. professor Dunphy says:


    Great wrap-up post! Congrats on getting through all of these episodes… but it’s not like you didn’t enjoy the work.

    You got through it — so that’s worth a lot in my eyes.

    From what I read and looked at– you improved from your first set to your final set. You’re funny, good personality, good personality and you loved the show! What more can you ask for?

    You make some excellent points here — I won’t answer any of the questions you ask… but Charlie is always going to be disappointed… it’s his job.

    Charlie is the savior of the bunch — he’s so wonderful, so innocent… the rest are so awful… but I love watching them.

    I love when they tackle issues… it’s in their own way… it’s disturbing but amazing.

    Only problem — your posts are backwards! Hard to navigate but in the end… I found em…

    Onto other posts…

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